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Complete Payment Protection System

People are borrowing now more than ever. Some people even borrow knowing they will never be able to pay the money back. That is why an increasing number of dealers are moving to the new on time payment protection system. This handy device reminds motorists to pay their vehicle payments quickly and on time.

Should they miss a payment, the on time device can shut down the vehicle until payment is cleared. The system reminds the customer when payments are due. The device itself is a completely legal payment protection product that can be specifically tailored to your needs.

The benefits of this kind of product are numerous. Having complete and secure payment protection allows more dealers to lease more cars. Paying bills on time allows consumers to re-establish good credit lines from poor ones. If a customer fails to make payment, the dealer has complete control over the vehicle's operation. No more spending time tracking down bum customers. The On Time device is extremely reliable and completely safe to use.

So why should you as a car dealer consider an On Time device? Because it is more than just a device for reminding people to make payments. It protects your investment, increases productivity and sales, and reduces losses due to repossession. The product is completely tamper proof and is the only product of it's kind that is tested in courts. The product itself has a great success rate of 95-98% payments being made on time.

The device works by using a simple number and color system to alert the driver of an impending payment becoming due. The device normally flashes green but will change to yellow when payment is due within 4 days. On the third day before the vehicle would be disabled, the number 3 flashes on the device.

The device does the same on the second and last time, respectively, where on the final day the device will actually beep to alert the driver they are on their last day. After that the vehicle is disabled and will no longer start until payment is made in full. The design is simple and straight forward, and it does what it was intended to do. A fully legal product to ensure and protect your products.


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